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Harpers Style and Places

Denmark the country that has slowly taken the fashion world into the new Era of fashion bloggers, and lifestyle concepts.

Successfully dominating the rise in new brands. Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is a beautifully curated mix of history style and sustainability.

The first carbon neutral country taking the way forward… we can all learn so much from the country of style and sustainability.

Here’s our guide to Denmark.

Freetown Christiania, commonly just called Christiania, is a Danish special community. The village is partially self-governing with 850 inhabitants, and has an area of 85 acres near the capital of DenmarkCopenhagen. The Freetown has often been in the centre of controversies since its creation in an empty military area in 1971. In the Freetown, cannabis was legal until 2004. Inhabitants of Christiania are called “Christianites”. Christiania has become home to several businesses such as carpenters, blacksmiths, a bikeshop, as well as several cafés, restaurants, jazz, blues and night clubs.The place of artisans, architects and artistic ventures.

Sustainability and Denmark

If our footprints can sustain the footsteps of Denmark our children and grandchildren,will have such an easier footstep.Denmark is a great place to see how a multi cultural society has a well balanced way of life.

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