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Harpers Summer Update – A Fresh Fashion Era 

2022 has brought with it a feeling of newness as we look to learn from behaviours adopted during the pandemic and move forward in a more switched-on and considered way. Our lifestyles have changed and so too have our spending habits. ‘Needs’ and ‘wants’ to keep up with the latest fashion trends and access a wardrobe for every season and occasion have been replaced with desires to slow down and repurpose.  And with thoughtful purchasing comes the call for a personal shopping experience. One that’s less about feeling influenced and more about being inspired. Opening the Doors on the 24/7/12 Wardrobe ‘Seasonless fashion’ is not a new-found term in the apparel industry, but it’s one that’s gaining serious momentum as we enter a fresh fashion era.  An extension of the capsule wardrobe concept, the idea is to invest in pieces that have fluidity in terms of what they can be teamed with and the climates in which they can be worn. So, the need to sartorially switch with seasons and trends will eventually become a thing of the past. Not only does this approach help to tackle the fashion industry’s hefty impact on the environment by reducing overconsumption and waste, but it also hushes the constant noise in consumers’ ears to buy more. In line with this call to reset to a ‘less is more’ culture, and in recognising shoppers’ changing priorities, the Harpers Fashion offering is ever-evolving.  In terms of our stock, we work with like-minded, eco-conscious luxury designers who have withdrawn from large collections and are instead creating smaller, ethical and responsible collections, which we fully endorse.  We also endeavour to spread the sustainability message and help redefine the fast pace of fashion while interacting with our customers in more personal ways.  Fully tailored shopping advice and styling have always been at the heart of Harpers, both in person and via our digital channels. And this is something that we predict will only grow in demand as consumers are further inspired to build their wardrobes around themselves rather than the trends and seasons. 

Look out for our online article coming soon on 5 Steps To Building A Seasonless Wardrobe, plus Collection Spotlights focusing on our considered designers.  

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