At home with Naja Munthe

We catch up with Naja Munthe and her interview in Rum magazine, where she shares her view on life as a designer and interiors.

You can’t be creative without being inflow.

I think that most designers, architects, artists and scientists are driven by curiosity. I use my curiosity as fuel – and I always try to be open-minded to new impressions.

When I design my collections, I automatically draw inspiration from many different commercial platforms. Those may be travels, conversations, art, architecture, nature and everything else that I am, in one way or another, fascinated by.

In many ways, it is the same when it comes to my living space and decor. Actually, I wasn’t really looking for a cottage at all. I had sold my former summer house, but then I stumbled upon this house close to the forest and in the middle of the most beautiful natural spot. I instantly saw all the possibilities of the place and acted fast. Not long after, I decided to start over from scratch and practically draw a whole new house – rather than renovating the old one, says Naja Munthe.

At home with Naja Munthe


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